The Jean Monnet Center of Excellence “Western European Research Center for European Studies” was established as a structural unit of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv by the Rector’s Decree on March 6, 2019. The activities of the JMCE are based on accumulated teaching and research achievements in European Studies at Lviv University, the expertise gained during implementation of three Jean Monnet modules:"Summer Courses in the European Law and Policies"(2014-2017), "The EU's Subnational Dimension" (2014-2017), "The Economy in European Integration”(2016-2019), other EU-supported projects, and the individual experience in policy advising received while dealing with public institutions and other stakeholders.

The centre was established within implementation of the Jean Monnet Project 599469-EPP-1-2018-1-UA-EPPJMO-СоЕ: Western Ukrainian Research Center for European Studies (Jean Monnet Center of Excellence).

The JMCE WURCES aims at pooling together available resources to create the synergic institutional arrangement for interdepartmental multidisciplinary cooperation among University professors and strives to establish a platform for the organization and coordination of academic, educational and informational support for the University’s students and academic staff in the area of European Studies. The JMCE activities are directed towards the establishment of the cooperation and widening contacts with domestic and international academic, educational and research institutions with the specialization in the European Studies.

In order to fulfill this objective the JMCE invests its efforts into:

  • supporting professional development of academic staff and equipping it with knowledge and competences in the area of European Studies

  • supporting elaboration of educational programs and disciplines in the area of European Studies

  • fostering multi- and interdisciplinary research in European Studies including academic support for the policy development in Ukraine at national, regional and local levels in accordance with European practices and standards

  • providing the capacity-buidling programs for University academic staff and experts in European Studies

  • conducting educational, research and awareness-raising campaign for the popularization of European integration issues in Ukrainian society


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Our expertise shapes the team's profile, which strives to bring together best practices in research and teaching of European Studies for the European future of Ukraine.

Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva

Senior Research Fellow, head

Roman Kalytchak

Senior Research Fellow

Oksana Krayevska

Senior Research Fellow

Mykhailo Mykievych

Senior Research Fellow

Svitlana Sas

Junior Research Fellow

Vasyl Zelenko

Senior Research Fellow