PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at the Department of Economic Theory at the Faculty of Financial Management and Business of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Deputy Head of the Department of Economic Theory at the Faculty of Financial Management and Business of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

In 2009 he received the degree of PhD. in Economics.

In 2014 he was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory

Also, received additional education: in 2015 – a distance course “10 Steps to Prepare a Successful Project” (with the support of the EU / UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development). In 2015-2016, the cycle of educational sessions of the “Community School of Effective Practices of the EU” (with the support of the Institute of European Policy (Germany), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Public Network “OPORA” (Ukraine)).

Participant in a number of international conferences, round tables, congresses, seminars , international projects , etc. He carried out internship in Poland and in Ukraine.

In 2016-2019 – Coordinator of the Jean Monnet module “The Economics in European Integration: Internal Challenges and External Dimensions” at the University

Since 2015 – a member of the Ukrainian Association of European Studies.

Since 2018 – a member of the Ukrainian Association of Teachers and Researchers of European Integration.

Research Areas:

  • socio-economic processes of European Integration

  • social policy (in particular – social insurance)

  • global problems of the present and sustainable development

  • macroeconomics

  • PCM

Author of over 50 scientific publications, including 2 monographs and 3 study guides, in particular for the special course ” Economics in European Integration “.

Selected Publications:

  1. Economics in European Integration: Teach. manual / VA Zelenko, OG Gupalo , AV Stasyshyn.- Lviv: LNU named after Ivan Franko, 2019. – 464 p.

  2. Global economy. Course of lectures: tutor. manual. / for . Gupala O.G., StasyshinaA.V. – 2nd form., Additional . – Lviv: SPOLOM, 2017.- 316 pp.

  3. Management of the processes of forming the funds of the pension system of Ukraine: monograph / P.Yu. Buryak, O.G. Gupalo, V.A. Zelenko; Lviv State Financial Academy. – Lviv: “Spolom “, 2011. – 248 p.

  4. Zelenko N., Zelenko V. Social risks in the social protection system: national and European dimension / N.M. Zelenko, // Visnyk of Lviv University. The series is economical. Issue 55. – 2018, pp. 112-124.

  5. Zelenko V. Problem of energy efficiency in the model of sustainable development of Ukraine: EU experience / Zelenko VA, Ferenchak Ya.I // Collection of scientific works “Socio-economic problems of the modern period of Ukraine” – Lviv: IRD, No. 1 (135). – 2019, pp. 25-33 (Index Copernicus ).

  6. Zelenko V. European integration: social economics dimension / В.А. Зеленко // Czasopismo naukowe „Przegląd Nauk Ekonomicznych” Wydawnictwа polskiego towarzystwa ekonomicznego, oddział w Łodzi .–2019, №33.

  7. Zelenko V. A Pension reform in Ukraine in the context of the Association Agreement with the European Union / VA Zelenko, NM Zelenko // Regionalism and Integration. Scientific Yearbook of Chernivtsi National University named after.Yuriy Fedkovych . – 2017. – № 2, pp. 26-39.

  8. Zelenko V. Comparative analysis of social security in the EU and UKRAINE and their impact is the social welfare concepts // Compilation of articles of the international scientific-practical conference “European integration processes in the XXI century: key trends, main challenges and new opportunities”. – Kyiv: Ukrainian Association of Teachers and Researchers of European Integration. – 2018, pp. 187-198.

  9. Zelenko V. Reforming pension systems of Ukraine and Poland: comparative analysis.”Ukraine – European Union: From Partnership to Association: Ukrainian Yearbook on European Integration Studies. Vol. II – Lutsk, Teren, 2019, pp. 113-126.

Assoc. Prof. Vasyl Zelenko

Senior Research Fellow
WURCES Research Topic: Reforming Pension Systems in Ukraine and the EU: the Balance Between Economic Feasibility and Social Justice