The seasonal schools in European Studies are part of the educational portfolio of the JMCE WURCES targetting to share knowledge and expertise about EU matters to audience of different educational backgrounds covering two types of educational needs: At one hand they are aimed to deepen the specialization in EU matters for young professionals in EU Policies and at other hand they offer the possibility for students and young professionals who do not have European Studies as part of their educational programs to get the overview about EU's political, legal and economic system.


Primarily organized for public officials and civic activists, the WURCES professional development program is aimed to increase the professional expertise and capacities via spreading the European practices of public policy-making. This initiative was enhanced by the expertise provided by the Association4U project. The WURCES capacity-building program started in the offline format offering the trainings for public servants on evidence-based public policy-making, RIA and rule-of-law standards in public policy development and was transformed at first to the online format because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and than they served as the basis for the online certificate program on evidence-based public policy-making in the EU.