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The European integration of Ukraine is an integral part of social, political and economic development of the country accompanied by intensive reforms aimed at stabilising its economy, improving the livelihoods of its citizens and meeting international standards of living. Education plays a crucial role in the process of transformation of Ukrainian society in line with European vision of its future. The COVID-19 pandemic negatively influences social and economic development worldwide, transferring live forms of relations into virtual formats. Educational environment has transformed into online and virtual modes, and thus, new possibilities for digital education have opened to the HEIs in the field of EU Studies.

This project aims to establish a platform for discussion of theoretical and practical problems of the EU-UA AA implementation in Ukraine addressing, in particular, alignment of the Ukrainian policies with the EU governance models and practices in different areas, such as migration, social issues, education, regional development and cohesion etc. It focuses on challenges caused by digitalization in professional development programs offered by HEIs to public sector and aims at contributing to sustainable growth and social progress in Ukraine.

The specific project objectives are: to develop an online certificate program on EU Common Policies for public officials, local communities leaders and civic activists; to create a communication platform between academia and policymakers for discussion of perspectives and challenges of alignment of Ukrainian policies with relevant EU policies through regular workshops, a conference; to modernize teaching process of EU Common Policies both to students, who get special EU-issues tailored education, and to young people, who are not yet acquainted with EU Studies (e.g. students of journalism, art students etc.) by organizing simulations of EU institutions work and a poster competition.

Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva

project expert

Oksana Krayevska

project coordinator

Vasyl Zelenko

project expert

Nataliya Antonyuk

project expert

Marianna Gladysh

project expert

Mykhailo Mykievych

project expert

Nataliya Voytovych

project expert

Halyna Kaplenko

project expert


The project 101047504 – EUCPASU – ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH

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